10 Ingenious Ways to Quitting Smoking

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Often smoking addicts swear to kick the disgusting habit to only have succumbed to its enticing and hard-to-resist claws.

10 Ingenious Ways To Quitting Smoking

Well, here is an elucidation of the whacky and nifty things several past smokers did that helped them in eventually managing to kick the awful butt.

1. Burying the evidence

One ex-smoker confesses to have enfolded his cigarettes packs in a plastic sack and burying it in a flowering pot so that they would have to be dug out for extracting a cigarette and they re-burying them back, every instance the craving for a fag surfaced.

2. Staying focused on the reward

Unable to resist a dare put forth by a chum, a past-smoker re-collects how his spirited self couldn’t resist the bet to quit smoking with a reward of a meal at a much-favoured restaurant. Though it did take quite a few months to cease the habit, when he finally did manage to do it, he made his friend take him for a meal a second instance – just because it took that long – humorous story.

3. Paying a fine when gone off-track

Two great buddies decided to give up smoking or shell out a thousand dollars to the other one in case they were not able to do it. Due to being bitten by the honesty bug, cut-throat competitiveness, and not to mention being short of cash –did do the trick for them. None of the two had a puff ever since.

Ways To Quitting Smoking - 10 Ingenious Ways to Quitting Smoking

4. Killing the yearning

An astounding example of a woman who fagged for nearly two decades ceased the habit in an intriguing way – she began munching on Milkbone doggie crackers every time she felt the urge for a puff to repress the hankering and she did manage to quit smoking.

5. Making a Pact

As a swap for quitting the expensive habit of purchasing cigarette packets on a daily-basis one chain-smoker reminisces making a pact to allow himself at any point in his life to obtain a raffle ticket with no guiltiness involved. The deal did help him stay off smoking, though he has not yet been lucky winning any jackpot as yet.

6. Kicking Back with a Baking Soda Concoction

A renowned physician once quoted in a tabloid post that for quitting smoking a tablespoonful of baking soda blended in eight ounces water was to be drunk two times a day in the foremost week and then once during a day in the subsequent week would prove vastly useful.

7. Hypnosis for a smoke-free you

Hypnosis has been widely established to curb smoking in significant ways. Though urges still could be encountered on the course but one could actually hypnotize oneself into staying smoke-free.

8. Slow-and-steady wins the race

One ex-chain smoker remembers how he made a past with himself that allowed him a single cigarette in a week’s time in case he discontinued his daily cigarette pack nasty habit. It did work for him and gradually weaned off the habit completely.

9. Getting grimy

An interesting case of an elderly woman who threw away all her cigarettes leaving one aside that she placed on the topmost shelf of her kitchen unit. When the urge was unbearable she would grasp it, taking a single puff, extinguishing it and propping it back in its former place. With time as all items attract dust, grime so did the cigarette and the ‘emergency fag’ then did not seem that appealing after all and she eventually threw that one out too and never did smoke another time.

10. Saying it aloud

A woman who smoked a pack daily for close to three decades just came to the crucial realization what insanity she had been engaging in when she stated it audibly in front of her physician.

All those people in ‘stuck-in-the-rut’ situations trying hard to quit smoking could derive vital clues from these fine exemplars helping them gain sanity and victory over this horrendous habit of smoking.

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