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4 Herbs for Controlling Sugar Addiction

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A 2010 study has revealed that high-calorie food items can result in addiction like substances such as tobacco, cocaine and certain drugs. In this article, we have discussed how herbs can help in controlling sugar addiction.

Herbs for Controlling Sugar Addiction

1. Gymnema:

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Gymnema has been used for years as a remedy of obesity, diabetes and sugar cravings. A 1992 study found that gymnema contains compounds that fill our mouth with sweet flavors temporarily. People suffering from sugar addiction should chew this herb every two hours. The effects of the herb last for around two hours; during this time the person chewing the herb will experience a reduced response towards sugar. For instance, after having gymnema fruit juice might taste as bland as water. Gymnema is known for making sweet food items less satisfying and thus reduces the tendency of our body to long for them.

2. Stevia:

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This herb is often called the sweet leaf. The reason behind this is that stevia is hundred times sweeter than regular sugar. However, it has no calorie. Stevia is now widely used for treating sugar craving and also used as sugar substitute. Unlike majority of the sweeteners including sugar, stevia is capable of increasing production of insulin and reducing the blood sugar levels.

3. Ginseng:

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Both Asian and American ginsengs help our body in coping up with stress and anxiety without resulting in side effects like drop in energy levels, mood changes and increase in appetite. This herb has obtained a B-rating from National Institute of Health. This means there is enough scientific evidence supporting this feature of ginsengs. Often sugar craving appears as a sign of stress. It has been found that having ginseng supplements in such situation helps in cubing emotional overeating. This way ginseng also prevents unhealthy fluctuations of blood sugar levels

4. Fenugreek:

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The herb fenugreek possesses mild sweetness; it tastes a lot like maple syrup. According to herbalists, chewing the leaves or seeds of fenugreek helps in satisfying our sweet tooth. There are also evidences found through medical studies that establish fenugreek as a remedy for increased blood sugar levels.

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