Addictions and their Types

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Man is a victim of habits, actions and continuous incidents. When these continue on a regular basis, he gets addicted. All of us are addicted to some thing or the other, but when the addictions become hazardous to health, and then they are dangerous and have to be rectified.

Addictions and their Types

There are many addictions in this world, but when the word addiction comes to our mind we link it unconsciously to alcohol and drugs. We are said to be addicted when we are attached to something in such a way that it prevents our life and our activities and is a hindrance to our life, our thoughts and thus impediments our interaction with our family and friends.

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There are addictions which are sometimes physically dangerous and these do not allow us to continue life peacefully. People get a lot of addictions and they are more addicted normally to activities and the behavior related to it.

Addictions can be many but all of them have the same symptoms. They could be loss of control, they build over a period of time and then there are some negative consequences. All these indicate addiction.

There are many activities in our everyday life which are regular occurrences, and these sometimes are the concealing factors for the addictions. Under the guise of everyday life, the people who are addicted carry on with there weakness.

Let us understand the types of addictions:-

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Drugs is the most common form of addiction and one does not realize when drugs take over our life and it is very difficult to get out of this habit. Once a person comes to know he is addicted to drugs or once the family comes to know of it, then it becomes imperative that the person is taken care of well and properly guided towards getting dedicated.


Alcohol is another abusive addiction which is the most common and the most easily available form of addiction. Alcohol is one substance that is the greatest abuse man could do to himself. It is not easy to get out of the habit and this too requires the support and the understanding of the relatives, friends and family.


Sugar is another addiction that just seeps into our life. Unknowingly our hand reaches out for this additive which makes food and beverage so interesting. But too much of anything isn’t right and so too much of sugar is not the right ingredient for a healthy body. And once a person is addicted to it, and then the other health problems just follow.


The contents of chocolate give the person a temporary high and he feels tempted to eat it when he is under stress. Chocolates have been seen to give instant gratification and they give the person a feel good feeling which makes him addicted to it. But it is to be understood that excess sugar would only spoilt your healthy system so it is important to get out of this addiction too.

Binge eating

This is another addiction. Often it is seen that people eat a lot when they are stressed. Binge eating gives them the immediate satisfaction making them look good and feel good. But this is not a worthwhile proposition so it is better that the less you eat and the more you focus on yourself would be the best principle for you.


It is the contrast of binge eating. It has been seen that many people who want to lose weight get the fear of becoming fat and work themselves up to a nervous existence. This creates a lot of tension and leads to a condition called anorexia where the person is unwilling to eat anything. This is a kind of addiction wherein the person is addicted to refusing food.

Then there are addictions to exercise, stress eating, work, shopping, gambling, internet, cigarette, coffee, and many other activities like online gaming etc.

Addictions are termed thus, if it is found that the individual is overdoing any kind of activity.

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