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All about Chocolate Addiction and How to Control it!

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Are you one of those who is addicted to chocolates? Everyone does like binging on sweets but if you are one of those who just cant do without a chocolate remedy then you surely have a problem. This is something that has to be tackled and has to be attended with lot of understanding and care.

The first step that you have to take is to identify the symptoms. There are many psychological reviews which really do not support chocolate consumption as addiction. But there is the other theory which says that endorphins are released when one eats a chocolate and it is believed that eating a chocolate alters the mood and takes it to a high . So it is believed that a person finds it hard to resist when he is low and reaches out for the chocolate.

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The symptoms purely are based on day to day actions.

  1. If you find yourself reaching for a chocolate post lunch then you are getting into addition of chocolate. If you have cravings that can be controlled  then it is not an addiction. But if you reach out for a chocolate without control then you are addicted to chocolate.
  2. If you feel worried or very anxious if you don’t eat it, then you are surely getting into an addiction that is uncontrollable. Chocolate is a much preferred sweet that everyone likes so it is very important that you understand what challenges addiction to chocolate could pose in your life.
  3. Chocolate is a source of food that has too many empty calories and thus makes the person put on lot of weight and also reduces the nutritional content of diet. Chocolate does have some advantages but the sugar and fat content in them really do not help
  4. Neediness is another sign you should look out for. If you aren’t happy till you have had your chocolate then you are addicted. So if you find yourself getting panicky if you don’t have it, then you are likely to be on the path to becoming a chocolate addict.
  5. If you find  yourself getting regular headaches sometimes severe after eating chocolates yet you eat it, then you are a chocolate addict.
  6. If you feel zapped and tired half an hour after you eat a chocolate then you are a victim of chocolate addition. In a bid to counteract this feeling you actually land up eating more chocolate.
  7. Many are victims of binge eating of chocolates or lie about eating chocolates. Some even try to cover it up. All these are signs that the person is a victim of chocolate addiction.
  8. If you find yourself spending every bit of money you to store imported European chocolates etc. then you surely are paving the path to becoming a perfect chocolate addict.
  9. The reasons for chocolate addiction is not known but it is said that if you are suffering  from emotional problems and if you are absolutely depressed, anxious and low and realize that chocolate seems to relieve you of all this, then surely you are getting addicted to it.
  10. Sometimes people who are on a diet, feel miserable and lonely and feel like eating something  that would ease their mood. These people are seen to get addicted to chocolates and later on become  great chocolate addicts.
  11. Sometimes addicts also like to think about the tastes of chocolate. They simply think about it and feel like eating a chocolate.
  12. Addicts also find that chocolate is a great filler and gives a great distraction when they are bored.

Steps To Controlling Chocolate Addiction

So how exactly do you solve the problem of chocolate addiction? It is said that broccoli is something that would help you to tackle this problem in a very healthy way. If you are allergic to chocolate then you are sure to get cured of the addiction without its consumption.

Take other energy boosters like proteins, nuts, grains, veggies, and crackers which give the best energy immediately to the system. Eat chocolate  only as an occasional thing and not as something that you should get addicted to. There is another way of solving the problem and that is by taking smaller portions of the chocolate instead of taking huge chunks.

Again you could solve the problem by not going to the confectionery shop at all. These are the ways you could stay away from the urge to eat chocolates.

So it is seen that chocolates never are bad but too much of it is. Stay away from getting into chocolate addiction.

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