3 Best Alternative Treatments for Hiatal Hernia

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Hiatal hernia is a medical condition marked by protrusion of stomach upwards through the patients’ diaphragm towards their chest cavity. This condition results in symptoms like chest pains, heartburn, belching and nausea. However, there are instances when patients with hiatal hernia do not experience any symptom of the condition.The usual causes of hiatal hernia include factors like obesity, too much coughing, smoking, genetics etc.In this article we have discussed the alternative procedures used for treatment of this medical condition.

Alternative Treatments for Hiatal Hernia

1. Digestive enzymes:

The digestive enzyme, which are basically proteins break down the foods consumed by us into nutrients. These enzymes are known to help patients with hiatal hernia. Digestive enzymes used for treating hiatal hernia generally come in form of pills or tablets. However, some food items can also be used in place of the pills and tablets containing digestive enzymes.

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One example is papaya; papaya contains an enzyme called papain; this enzyme does not only aid digestion, but also promote healthy bowel movement. The proteolytic enzyme bromelainfound in pineapples also aids in breaking up proteins and thus helps digestion. Patients diagnosed with hiatal hernia are often suggested to consume papaya and pineapple.

2. Herbs and seeds:

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Fennel seeds or supplements made from fennel seeds are excellent remedies for hiatal hernia. Some herbs that are frequently used for treating this condition are: marshmallow (the root of the herb is used for the purpose), slippery elm, aloe vera (juice extracted from the leaves is used) and evening primrose (essential oil extracted from the herb is used).

3. Homeopathy:

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This therapeutic procedure involves treating symptoms of a disease using natural components in concentrated form. Nux vomica is prescribed to hiatal hernia patients experiencing heartburn. Arsenicum album is given to the patients having burning sensation in their throats due to hiatal hernia. Hiatal hernia patients suffering from digestive disorders are treated with carbo vegetabilis.

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