Here’s why Aromatherapy for Yeast Infections Is the Best Remedy!

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Yeast Infection:

Candidiasis is the most prevalent form of yeast infection and there are over twenty Candida types with Candida albicans being the commonest.

Candida albicans is present in diverse regions of the body and component of the regular flora in the oral, throat, GI & genital tract. Usually this yeast is in equilibrium with other fungal and bacterial forms inside the body however the occasional imbalance of intestinal or gut flora could permit movement of the fungi via the bloodstream to other body regions.

The oral and vaginal areas are the duo regions where often varied symptoms arise. Candida appearing in the mouth (oral thrush) could be diagnosed with whitish sore formations in the regions like the gum, tongue and inner-cheek. Candida arising in the vaginal area is known as vaginitis or thrush causes itchiness and whitish discharge. In case Candida is not treated then it could cause fungus infections, pitiable memory, depressive tendencies, intolerance to foods, bloated feeling, loose bowels, feeling constipated and cystitis.

For treatment of yeast infections like Candidiasis it is imperative to modify dietetic intake alongside innate solutions as yeast flourish in certain settings.

It is vital to take into consideration the varied symptoms linked with the infection as they need diverse means of administering. Essential oils having antibacterial, antifungal and immune-stimulant properties are the apt ones to employ. As yeast infections could elicit depressive behaviour and digestion problems hence it is additionally crucial that such concerns be taken into consideration during treatment

Aromatherapy for Yeast Infections

Antifungal oils would obliterate and repress fungal development whereas antibacterial oils would avert and thwart micro-organism spread. Immune-stimulant essential oils hamper microorganism growth while also stimulating and boosting immune system. For digestive problems like loose bowels, bloated and constipated feelings it is best to opt for anti-spasmodic and carminative essential oils.

Aromatherapy for Yeast Infections1 - Here's why Aromatherapy for Yeast Infections Is the Best Remedy!

Carminative oils help in stimulating peristaltic motion and aid in lessening gassiness. As several anti-spasmodics have astringencies, help in soothing nervous system and lessen spasm & contractions hence are useful for treating loose bowels.

Hepatic oils are additionally significant in improving liver functioning, strengthening liver and help in improving bile flow.

Lemon, Tea tree and lavender are potent antibacterial & immune-stimulant essential oils that are mild for oral gargling and mouth whooshing. Lavender is ideal for soothing the mind. Melaleuca alternifolia has proven to be effectual in treating yeast infections (in-vitro and in-vivo).

For tackling oral thrush try adding duo drops tea tree to tepid water for gargling and mouth whooshing post-meals.

For treating vaginitis, douches & vaginal slide appear to be highly effectual although sitz baths could additionally be employed.

To prepare vaginal slides include fifteen drops essential oils to a hundred gms of AB-yoghurt (L. acidophilus yoghurt) to tampons prior to insertion.

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Sitz baths could be made by filling up the bathing tub with waist-deep water and adding in five droplets of essential oils/two pints water and mixing properly.

Another fabulous concoction for tackling Candida is adding in five droplets each of lavender, tea tree and german chamomile to a hundred grams of L. acidophilus curd and mixing properly. Applicators used for tampons could help in getting the mix into the body. Tepid water for dilution of the curd could be done and then adding essential oils to it and employed as douches.

Roman Chamomile & Bergamot could thwart yeast over-growth while having a calming and sedating action. They are also mild for topical application to the vaginal area.

For abdominal massages that allay indigestion and depressive tendencies related to yeast infections one could use bergamot, chamomile and lavender. Bergamot helps to uplift the mind and body and could be employed in baths or oil burners.

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