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Here’s Why Bath Salts Hottest Designer Drugs to Watch out For!

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The web site hawking the bath salts cautions in scarlet lettering – ‘Not-for-human-consumption’. You are also cautioned about not using alcohols & prescription drugs whilst ‘bathing’ and a note about not using it as snuffs.

However, the smallish powder packs named as Vanilla Sky, Bolivian Bath, Ivory Wane among several others – aren’t devised for use in your bath tubs.

Bath salts are potent artificial stimulants created to be akin to coke  or meth, & with analogous risks. However disparate to them, bath salts are legalized in most of U.S., presently vending for around twenty-five to forty dollars a pack on the net & in small shops and mini marts.

Bath salts have turned out to be the newest designer drug to trigger alarms with the over two hundred calls linked to their use being received in 2010 & 214 in 2011, as per information furnished by the AAPCC. Louisiana is the worst affected and many states are proscribing the drug.

Conjecture is that majority of the bath salts are methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), though new-fangled pyrovalerone-derived ones are being whipped up by illicit road chemist groups. None truly know since there’s no means of testing such stuff.

By dubbing them as bath salts and tagging as unfit for humans consumptions, these people have been successful at avoiding them being explicitly itemised as unlawful.

In due course of time, the federal law would have to label them as schedule one drug which translates to the fact that it has zilch medical worth however an elevated likelihood of being abused & declaring bath salts are illicit.

Following the use of these bath salts people have experienced agitations, become paranoid, hallucinating, suicidal, trunk pains, heightened pulse & hypertension.

Presently there’s absence of any test for detecting bath salts and the sole means of knowing whether a person has used it is when he/she come clean about it. Clinical presentation bears resemblance to 4-MMC (chemical present in several designer drug forms) like acute agitated behaviourism, anxiety, disturbance, insanity & stimulatory impact.

Another matter which is concerning experts is the on-going suicides among such patient types, even subsequent to the stimulation effects of bath salts wearing off.

It is still unknown whether bath salts are habit-forming and there is insufficient long-standing experience in this regard. Severe toxicity is the key issue. How several stimulant types are causal to craving and creativity noted in individuals taking them who would be snorting, shooting it, mixing it alongside foods & drinking it.

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