How do you sleep – Prompt Ways to Lull One into Sleep

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A good night’s sleep is of utmost importance to rejuvenate the body, maintaining good health and breathing new life into it after an arduous day of physical and mental strain.

Researchers in Japan advocate the inhalation of scents of plants like mango, lemon and lavender that are found to favorably modify gene activity and blood chemistry that aid in decreasing stress. Linalool is an extensively used aromatic plant oil to ease emotional strain and anxiety.

How do you sleep?

For those ailing from unremitting tiredness Kava, Kava is used to give a sense of well-being, acts as body relaxant and relieves insomnia, though its lengthy use might damage the liver. The Aztecan remedy for sound sleep, Passion Flower assists in unwinding the mind and body and has a soporific effect. California Poppy, that constitutes a majority section of herbal sleeping aids vended in America is even administered to children on many occasions for its safe and effective means of inducing sleep.

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The potent combo of Essential Oils like Indian Melissa and medicinal Herb, Valerian Root promotes deep, satisfying sleep. A warm bath infused with Melisa and Valerian prior to going to bed aids in good slumber by effectively soothing nerves and easing restlessness during stressful times.

Lavender or chamomile essential oil about two drops can be combined with a teaspoonful of blue agave syrup in warm water for a relaxing herbal tea. Lavender can be sprinkled on pillows or sheet covers to induce better sleep.

Consuming a fistful of walnuts prior to bedtime not only provides essential fibre and fatty acids, but also is a source of the innate sleep promoting amino acid tryptophan.

Investing in a good quality pillows is essential as they improve sleep quality and decrease neck tenderness. There are soothing herbal eye pillows available that are filled with flax seeds, lavender that can be placed on the eyes or underneath the neck to help one lull off to sleep. They have a facility to be chilled to provide a relief to sore eyes or can be warmed to lessen sinus pressure.

Dabbing on some rosewood, sandalwood, spruce tree, patchouli and frankincense herbal oils on one’s key points on the body like neck, shoulder area or the soles of the feet and even sleeping sheets and pillow cases helps promote sleep.

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