How To Treat Insomnia with Homeopathy?

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Insomnia is a common sleep disorder in USA. Majority of the insomnia patients in America try to sleep by using sedatives and other sleep inducing drugs. These drugs although solve the problem temporarily end up causing extremely discomforting side effects. Thus it is advisable to try alternative treatment methods like homeopathy for getting rid of insomnia. The homeopathic medications that are most effective in treating insomnia are:

Treat Insomnia with Homeopathy

1. Aconitum:

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Aconitum is prescribed to patients whose insomnia come followed by fever or illness. This medication is extracted from a plant called Wolfsbane or Monkshood. The scientific name of the plant is aconitum aapellus. Aconitum is made using every part of the plant, which also includes the flower.

2. Coffea:

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Coffea is a homeopathic remedy made using coffee. Coffea is prescribed to patients suffering from insomnia generated from an excitement. People requiring this medication finds it difficult to fall asleep and tend to sleep lightly; they can be awakened very easily. Coffea can also be used for people who are experiencing sleeplessness due to too much consumption of coffee.

3. Nux vomica:

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Insomnia accompanied by irritability and anger is treated successfully with nux vomica. Nux vomica is also effective in treating in health problems caused by overuse of drugs, alcohol and caffeine. People requiring this remedy wake up during the early hours of the morning and have extremely light sleep. Sleeplessness caused by indigestion and overeating is also often treated with nux vomica.

4. Arsenicum album: 

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Sleeplessness occurring due to worry or anxiety is treated with arsenicum album. Homeopathic doctors prescribe arsenicum album to patients who experience insomnia after midnight. Other symptoms of requiring this remedy to treat insomnia are restlessness, thirst and chills.

5. Ignatia:

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Ignatia is another widely used homeopathic remedy for insomnia. Insomnia occurring as an effect of a sudden loss or grieves bothering for long period of times is treated with Ignatia. Such patients find it difficult to have sound sleep. Other indications for Ignatia are sighing and frequent yawning.

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