Is Cupping Therapy Safe?

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What is the therapy of suction cup?

This therapy is originally from China being an ancient technique. The technique is simple to explain and understand. The first thing to keep in mind is how this millenary technique is carried out. These devices with placed on the skin and then will only generate a vacuum effect, everything is in order to achieve an improvement in the vascularization of the area where the pacifiers are placed.

Cupping Therapy - Is Cupping Therapy Safe?

In this way it generates a greater flow of oxygen, thus making the area able to obtain the necessary nutrients, also allowing a withdrawal of the catabolic and waste substances.

This vacuum effect is achieved by the introduction of a burning cotton, causing the combustion of oxygen inside the suction cup to perform the vacuum effect. Nowadays and thanks to the evolution, the function of burning cotton is no longer necessary, many suction cups carry a unidirectional valve in their mechanism, said lever when activated is responsible for generating the empty effect that the suction cup needs to function properly and make its one hundred percent function.

Suction Cup Application

It should be applied directly to the skin of the person who is going to perform this particular therapy, hiring a massage therapist who performs this type of therapy is not so complicated, just that it must be someone with experience in the area, and who uses the tools that today do not generate any danger of burn or something similar?

The minimum of suction cups to use is about six or a maximum of ten suction cups to be placed along the entire spine. You should leave an estimated time of 10 to 15 minutes, after the estimated time has passed you must remove it from the skin. Some masseuses usually place the suction cup and not only let it rest on the skin until the time is up, in that case they usually move the suction cup and achieve friction.

Benefits and Consequences of the Suction Cup in People as Therapy

The first thing is to mention the good things that this therapy offers to those who practice, the first thing is that it almost completely reduces pain, so it is very common for several athletes to perform this technique, not to mention that it helps the body to have a detoxifying and fully depurative effect among other benefits that help the tissue found in the body.

Cupping Therapy4 1024x683 - Is Cupping Therapy Safe?

The disadvantages or complications are usually caused by a misapplication of therapy, hire a massage therapist who does not know the subject would be the worst mistake, since, if you do not have any knowledge or the appropriate implements, it can generate painful lesions, in case the suckers generate local erythema, but that is nothing worrisome. They should be concerned when the advantages are left for longer than estimated in the skin, this can cause certain blisters and strong damage to the skin, if an old suction cup is used, the masseuse or therapist must be trained not to perform a bad praxis and cause severe burns through cotton.

Apart from this, it is honestly a therapy that generates no problem or inconvenience. When used mostly by athletes, it is recognized in a good way. No athlete will want to be injured in any way, this is an endorsement that if this therapy is performed, it is because it is safe and profitable (all if the contracted masseuse has adequate knowledge about this therapy).

It is a therapy that has helped a lot, when it comes to reducing severe pain in areas of skeletal muscle or other pathologies. Like any therapy, if it is not well applied, it will only cause problems, for this reason it is mentioned again, hiring a massage therapist, who does not have any teaching on therapy would not be the most recommended when deciding to perform this therapy.

All therapy entails a responsibility, if the therapist or masseuse hired for this job is not suitable, abort the mission and proceed to perform another therapy. Beyond that, it is a therapy that if done well, will generate a lot of help to those who practice it for themselves.

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