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Reflexology Chart: The Pill-Free Resolution to Your Health Problems

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Digestion issues, being stressed out, sleeplessness, joint aches, menopause hot flashes and brain cell deterioration – the entire lot of pervasive health conditions could be trickier in treating and leaves many a suffer in utter desolation.

Several of these people opt for alternative therapy like referring to a reflexology chart. Reflexology chart is followed by an approximate thirty-five thousand British practitioners of reflexology who stimulate the feet’s pressure points which are corresponding to certain areas of the body. Increasing numbers of these practitioners are deploying the rich benefits of reflexology by using the facial area, instead of the hand or feet areas for delivering this complementary health treatment.

Those who vouch by the benefits of reflexology, firmly aver that facial reflexology is effectual as our faces have a huge influx of nerve, blood vessel supply. It is believed to beautifully merge massages with conjectures derived from acupuncture & Chinese medicine theories that focus on meridians.

As per Chinese medicine, energy is flowing via our bodies through twelve indiscernible energy lines (meridians). In case there is some blockage in these meridians then imbalance could take place resulting in some form of ache, sleeplessness, pain & also irritable bowel syndrome.

Benefits of Reflexology on the Facial Area

Reflexology Chart – The Pill Free Resolution to Your Health Problems3 - Reflexology Chart: The Pill-Free Resolution to Your Health Problems

Those practising facial reflexology believe that they could spot an alteration in feel as an outcome of such blockages in energy lines underneath the top skin layers of the facial area. They point out that lump like formations that feel grainy or coarse like sands could be felt underneath the skin’s top layer.

Facial reflexology practitioners work on the facial area (not including the eyelid area) with their finger tips which they assert could help in breaking down such unhealthy depositions, bolster energy levels and stimulate vital nerve & blood circulation regions.

Since the brain is the controlling region of our body and the facial area is comparatively nearer to it than the feet hence facial reflexology is believed to be better in comparison to referring reflexology chart of the feet.

Facial reflexologists warm the facial & the equivalent body regions deploying acupressure (finger tip pressure application & their rotation on the spots) to release muscular tensions & promoting additional blood supply to it. The conjecture is that our faces are micro-maps of our bodies which when worked upon could impact the equivalent body region and calms it in case there is some inflammation or stimulates it in case of any lethargy.

Reflexologists use finger tips for making deep-set, broad massaging strokes or brief, quick ones with every session lasting forty-five to fifty minutes in length.

The therapy proffers total body relaxation which starts the healing process and energy is no more being directed to stress.

Those undergoing the therapy enter a dreamy-like state and is found to be immensely beneficial for those who ail from stress-linked conditions like IBS (in case stress in allayed, constipated feeling among others could also be tackled).  Though IBS is generally managed with dietetic amendments and in case needed, medicines for allaying stomach pains, loose bowels or feeling constipated, there are some patients among whom such therapies might not be working or ones who are disinclined on adhering to them or those among whom reflexology might proffer respite.

Facial Reflexology – Trying it out

Reflexology Chart – The Pill Free Resolution to Your Health Problems4 - Reflexology Chart: The Pill-Free Resolution to Your Health Problems

As per reflexology conjecture, particular facial points are joined through meridians running all through the body and which connect all through organ and system types. On the facial area, mirroring of every point is noted on the other fifty percent of it.

Practitioners of facial reflexology are experts at manipulation of such points for the treatment of tension headache, sleeplessness, sinus, digestion problems among others.

For instance, backaches could be allayed by pressing and circling the entire 3 bladder points, for relieving heart burn one should be pressing & circling the entire 3 abdominals points & one point in the small intestines and for treating sinus problems pressing & circling specific points in the abdomen, bladder, large intestines, gall bladder.

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