Role of Aromatherapy in Addiction Recovery

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Aromatherapy does not possess the ability of curing addiction; however, it can definitely help in controlling the withdrawal symptoms experienced by individuals while they try to get rid of an addiction. Aromatherapy is natural therapeutic procedure carried out using essential oils.

These essential oils get extracted from both wild and cultivated herbs; each of these oils contains mixture of useful chemicals. The oils are classified based on their source and fragrance; each essential oil comes with a unique fragrance, which is due to the different combination of chemicals present in them.

Counseling and Values suggest that a person requires to be motivated enough to get rid of an addiction to successfully recover from the habit of any substance abuse. This motivation must be accompanied by treatment of the underlying causes and ongoing support. The pharmacological interventions used for preventing withdrawal symptoms block effects of addictive substances and in the process decrease the craving. According to experts, even the effects of these pharmacological treatments are enhanced significantly when they are accompanied by counseling and education on coping skills.  The same is said about aromatherapy.

The common withdrawal symptoms experienced by people trying to recover from addiction include conditions like sleep disorders, anxiety, irritability, restlessness etc. Aromatherapy helps in eradicating all these symptoms making the process of addiction recover more comfortable. The most common way of using essential oils for eliminating withdrawal symptoms is applying them topically.

These oils can be use in form of creams and lotions and can also be use on cotton balls or clean cloths. Besides topical application, the oils can also be inhaled by adding a few drops on cotton balls or into the warming devices like vaporizer.

Essential oils get absorbed quickly by our skin to reach the bloodstream. When applying topically, you must dilute these oils by using carrier oil (or you can use lotions or creams). When we inhale these essential oils, the oils pass through our olfactory bulb to get into our brain’s limbic system, the system responsible for functioning of our nervous system and endocrine system and rid us of the withdrawal symptoms mentioned above. The most useful essential oils for the purpose are lavender oil and lemongrass oil.

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