How Salt Treatment for Curing Respiratory Problems?

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Salt is often viewed from the angle of its dietetic benefits & drawbacks. However, an astonishing new twist to salt intake is a rapidly increasing trend of several individuals inhaling it – rather than consuming it – as a means of treating their respiratory complaints – particularly among asthmatics and allergy sufferers. The so-dubbed ‘Halotherapy’ or salt treatment centers are mushrooming at an increasing rate in the United States, Canada and European countries.

Salt Treatment for Curing Respiratory Problems

The salt therapy experience comprises of being seated in an enclosure having a glazing of salt in crystalline form and the air within it totally salt-filled.

Those experiencing salt treatment would feel as though they were actually present in the innate salt caves found in the European region (excluding the comfortable lounging seating arrangements & flat screen televisions put up in the salt therapy room).

Advocators of salt therapy claim that it could bring about improvement among symptomatic allergy sufferers, asthmatics and those ailing from skin problems.

Owners of centers offering this unique salt treatment aver that the entire micro-climate replete with the most appropriate air-quality, moisture levels as well as sodium particles are potent enough to cleanse our skin, air passage as well as our entire bodies.

In case this salt treatment is sounding rather trendy than science-based – then it actually is. There is absence of any scientific trials done on salt treatment in the United States.

A trial conducted four years back which appeared in the ‘New England Journal of Medicine’ noted that inhalation of hypertonic salt brought about improvement in functioning of lungs among individuals suffering from cystic fibrosis.

Salt Treatment for Curing Respiratory Problems2 - How Salt Treatment for Curing Respiratory Problems?

Additionally in that year another trial which was printed in the ‘European Respiratory Journal’ and conducted on those smoking cigarettes uncovered that inhalation of salt post-aerosolization provisionally helped in improving smoking-linked symptoms like coughs or mucus-like productions.

However those owning such halotherapy rooms carefully choose their words when noting that such facility is created for bringing about improvement in the wellbeing of their clientele & are not to be mistaken as a medical establishment. Also halotherapy providers are sentient about medical physicians deeming this form of treatment as a folk cure.


Many proprietors of halotherapy services do understand the cynicism towards salt therapy and are emphasizing to their clientele that this treatment is intended on serving as an alternative strategy to conventional medicine. Typically the forty-five minutes long session of halotherapy would cost around sixty dollars or so.

Final Words

Alike acupuncture, chiropractics or also neti-pots which received gradual acceptance in the medicinal world, so is the case with salt therapy. Several physicians in the United States are simply unfamiliar with halotherapy.

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